High Speed Transceiver Design

To fully leverage core technological advantages in ASIC/DSP designs and photonic integration, Acacia has assembled a world class high speed analog and digital design team. To meet the demands of optical networking challenges at 100G and beyond, a unique set of skills is required to meet the advanced control loop design requirements, challenging power and thermal management design needs, and built-in quality and reliability to ensure consistent performance.

transAcacia’s 100G DWDM Coherent CFP module, for example, offers carriers and content providers optimal flexibility, at price points comparable to non-coherent short reach or client CFPs such as LR4 or multi-wavelength ODB. Furthermore the AC100-CFP’s lowest power and smallest form factor enable the highest densities for Coherent interfaces in the market, while reducing the total cost per bit. Coherent CFP is a technology game changer similar to XFP for 10G—and our AC-100 CFP is the first to market.

Over the life span of an optical transponder, performance must be maintained over a variety of demanding operating condition variations including voltage, temperature and component maturity over a lifetime of use. Acacia’s products are fully compliant to OIF and IEEE standards and Acacia routinely contributes to OIF and other standards organizations for emerging technologies.

Our Core Embedded Software

In addition to leading edge module hardware design, ASIC/DSP and photonic circuit design, Acacia has developed leading edge core embedded software which dramatically eases system integration for our customers. By listening to customers’ needs, Acacia has developed an embedded software framework that enables our customers to integrate our solutions easily into software defined networks and to provide best in class network management integration.

Our flexible software framework was designed from the beginning to allow new features to be added at future dates so customers can continue to take advantage of new Acacia functionality without the concern of being locked into older system version software. In addition, we have incorporated several hooks in our MSA and CFP modules that enable our customers to have access to a variety of statistics and configuration information, enabling the rapid evolution to Software Defined Networks.

In Collaboration with Customers
Our relationship with customers has been a key strength and fundamental objective of the company since the beginning. In order to take advantage of the leading edge 100G solutions we provide, we work with every customer in close collaboration at the system design phase to help take advantage of the ease of implementation we provide and to optimize our solution in customer systems which helps our customers get their products to market quickly.

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