Photonic Integration

Acacia has made a significant investment in being one of the early leaders in innovation in photonic circuits which unlocks the benefits of coherent 100G transponder technology to a wide array of cost sensitive applications required for the Metro market. With photonic integration, Acacia has been able to efficiently integrate optical components, thus reducing overall cost while increasing reliability and manufacturability.

Highest Level of Design Optimization

photonicThe ability to reduce overall module footprint with smaller integrated photonic circuits combined with the co-development with DSP technology allows Acacia the unique ability to leverage the highest level of design optimization. With photonic integration, Acacia continues to innovate by applying leading edge technology capabilities to displace multiple traditional opto-electronic functions that lead to cost effective Metro reach applications over traditional 10/40G links.

For our customers, bringing the capabilities and capacity of coherent 100G to Metro reach applications is a game changing breakthrough that allows them to cost effectively provide their carrier customers the increased capacity they need at compelling economics.