Inter-Data Center

Cloud infrastructure operators and content service providers have been building private networks of data centers, which are increasingly dependent on higher speed optical solutions to connect their data centers to each other.

The data centers can be separated by oceans or be merely across town. Flexible and configurable solutions are needed to optimize the performance requirement for the service demand.

Inter-Data Center Equipment Requirements
  • Typically point to point interconnections between datacenters without ROADMs
  • Connections range from a few to thousands of kilometers
  • Cloud applications require large traffic flows between datacenters (i.e. east-west)
  • Early adoption of high data rate transmission to lower cost/bit
  • Moving to SDN network control and more transparent hardware

Read how our AC-400 Flex Product family can be optimized for Inter-Data Center Interconnect. By changing the configuration of these modules through software configuration, customers can use these modules to support the transmission speed and distance that is best suited to their needs including metro applications.