(including Ultra-long haul terrestrial and subsea)

To meet growing demands from applications such as video transmission, cloud computing and 4G/LTE mobile applications, Ultra-Long Haul and Long Haul Terrestrial and Subsea networks need to be upgraded to carry higher bit rate, DWDM channels. These networks link major population centers within and between continents, spanning distances from 1,500km up to over 12,000km or more for trans-pacific reach. These networks constitute the back-bone of global networks, where cost-effective upgrade and expansion to 100G and beyond is essential.

Long Haul Equipment Requirements
  • Greater emphasis placed on optical performance to minimize O-E-O regeneration
  • Fewer ROADM nodes than metro networks
  • Less sensitive to power and port density
  • Early adoption of new optical technologies to improve total network cost
    • Copper to Fiber
    • TDM to DWDM
    • Direct Detect to Coherent

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