Our Products Leverage the Siliconization of Optical Interconnect Technology


We have developed families of high-speed coherent interconnect products that reduce the complexity and cost of optical interconnect technology, while simultaneously improving network performance and accelerating the pace of innovation in the optical networking industry. We build these advanced optical interconnect products using silicon, a process we refer to as the siliconization of optical interconnect. The siliconization of optical interconnect allows us to integrate previously disparate optical functions into a single solution, leading to significant improvements in density and cost and allowing us to benefit from ongoing advances in CMOS. Our optical interconnect solution includes sophisticated modules that perform a majority of the digital signal processing and optical functions required to process network traffic at transmission speeds of 100 Gbps and above in long- haul, metro and inter-data center networks. These modules meet the needs of cloud and service providers for optical interconnect products in a simple, open, high-performance form factor that can be easily integrated in a cost-effective manner with existing network equipment.

Our optical interconnect products are powered by our internally developed and purpose-built coherent DSP ASICs and silicon PICs. Our coherent DSP ASICs and silicon PICs are engineered to work together, and each integrates numerous signal processing and optical functions that together deliver a complete, cost-effective high-speed coherent optical interconnect solution in a small footprint that requires low power and provides significant automation and management capabilities.

Our families of optical interconnect technology products consist of high-capability, scalable, cost- efficient optical interconnect modules that are rooted in our five coherent DSP ASIC and two silicon PIC components. Our products are built to meet the specific needs of various networks and support transmission capacities between 40 Gbps and 400 Gbps per module. Our products incorporate our proprietary advanced system-in-a-module software, which, through a standardized interface, enables seamless installation, configuration and operation and a high level of performance monitoring. We also selectively offer our coherent DSP ASIC and silicon PIC elements as stand-alone components.