Ultra Long Haul 100G Subsea Module

Our 100G coherent OIF-compliant subsea modules enable data center operators, carriers, cable operators, and service providers to meet ever-expanding bandwidth demand in complex subsea networks over even the longest trans-Pacific routes. Leveraging powerful digital signal processing techniques and optimized high-speed optical design, our 100G subsea MSA module is already proving itself in production network deployments.

Product Benefits

Our 100G subsea MSA module provides:

  • Reliable data transmission over even the longest trans-Pacific routes.
  • Advanced signal processing algorithms including spectral shaping. This helps optimize the reach of Acacia‚Äôs transceivers.
  • The quality, resilience and robustness required to avoid the high costs of equipment repair/replacement.
  • One of the best optical signal-to-noise performance levels in the industry.
  • An industry leading Soft Decision Forward Error Correction algorithm with among the highest net coding gains (NCG) in the industry.
  • Provides cost-effective gigabit/sec/km transmission to reduce total carrier costs and improve ROI.

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