Acacia Ireland FAQs

Why is Acacia Communications making this change?

With our valued customers located around the world, creating a presence in Ireland supports more overlap in the various time zones in which we work. Operating in Limerick, Ireland will allow Acacia Communications to benefit from several operational and other efficiencies which it believes will be beneficial to its business. In addition, this change will allow Acacia Communications to provide product delivery and support services to its customers outside North America.

How do I know where I am to place my orders?

If your ‘ship to’ location is outside of the United States, Canada and Mexico, then you will place your orders with Acacia Communications (Ireland) Limited (“Acacia Ireland”). If your ‘ship to’ location is within the United States, Canada or Mexico, then you will place your orders with Acacia Communications, Inc. (“Acacia US”). Please contact Sales Operations at for assistance. .

How does this affect my existing orders with Acacia Communications?

Your existing orders placed with us will remain intact as is. There is no need to change your orders that you have already placed with us. Orders placed with us have been converted to Acacia Ireland, as applicable. However, please refer to the next paragraph on ‘Invoicing’. For customers with special contracts and terms, transition to Acacia Ireland will be handled on a case-by-case basis via separate communications.

How can I expect to see invoices?

As of January 1st, 2016, you will receive invoices from Acacia Ireland for any orders with ‘ship to’ locations outside of United States, Canada and Mexico,. If you cannot process Acacia Ireland invoices for orders previously placed with Acacia US, please contact Acacia Communications’ Sales Operations at for assistance.

I need to set up Acacia Ireland as a new vendor in my system. What is the new information?

Our new address:
Acacia Communications (Ireland) Ltd.
Mary Rosse Centre 3
Holland Road,
National Technology Park,
V94 HRK2

Where do I send payment?

Payments for Acacia Ireland shipments should be made to Ulster Bank. We will update these FAQs with additional detail soon, phone and fax numbers, etc. Acacia Ireland’s Irish Corporate and VAT Tax ID# are 3391618LH.

Will any Terms and Conditions of Sale change?

Acacia Communications standard Terms and Conditions of Sale do not change. Our standard terms can be found here.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please start with Sales Operations or your Sales contact.