CFP2-ACO Product Family


Acacia’s CFP2-ACO is our fourth Acacia product family to utilize its integrated coherent silicon PIC and addresses a new portion of the inter-data center and metro carrier markets.

Our CFP2-ACO product has an analog electrical host interface and a linear optical transmitter supporting up to 200 Gbps transmission speeds. The industry standard pluggable CFP2 form factor was designed in accordance with the Implementation Agreement defined by the Optical Internetworking Forum.

This CFP2-ACO form factor offers an optics-only solution for customers who currently rely on in-house DSP capabilities. The optics used in the module are identical to the ones used in applications ranging from DCI to submarine when paired with an Acacia internal DSP.

CFP2-ACO modules are commonly used in metro carrier and DCI applications where high density and pluggability are more valued.