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CIM8 Technology Differentiators

Second Generation 3D-Shaping

The CIM 8 powered by the Jannu DSP utilizes Second Generation 3D Shaping technology optimizes capacity and reach for network operators up to 1.2T and 140Gbaud with 20% higher spectral efficiency over the previous generation. 2nd Generation 3D Shaping provides state-of-the-art transmission shaping capabilities using enhanced probability constellation shaping (PCS) algorithms to provide continuous modulation, baud rate, and spectral efficiency adjustment.

Adaptive Baud Rate

A feature first introduced in Acacia’s Pico DSP and AC1200 module, Adaptive Baud Rate has been widely embraced by network operators. The CIM 8 Adaptive Baud Rate feature provides customers with continuous baud rate adjustment up to 140Gbaud to optimize utilization of available spectrum in a single-span or in cascaded ROADM paths. With this continuous baud rate tuning capability, the CIM 8 also offers maximum capacity over any channel plan.

Other Key Features

The CIM 8 powered by Jannu includes Acacia’s advanced line-rate power-efficient processing algorithms to efficiently overcome fiber transmission impairments over greenfield or brownfield fiber infrastructures by compensating linear and non-linear impairments, as well as providing state-of-polarization (SOP) tracking twice as fast as the previous generation. In addition, the CIM 8 powered by Jannu leverages Acacia’s new innovative soft-decision error correction (SD-FEC) to further enhance performance.

Coherent Interconnect Module 8

Industry’s first single carrier
1.2T pluggable

AC1200 Product Family

Widely deployed 1.2T

CFP2 Product Family

Industry’s first 100G/200G and
now 400G solutions

QSFP-DD & OSFP Product Families

Coherent transport in client optics from factors in 100G/200G/400G speeds

One module, many applications

One module, many applications Performance optimized coherent modules provide a lot of flexibility in terms of modulation formats, bits per symbol, and baud rates, enabling them to be optimized for submarine, long haul, metro carrier and Cloud/DCI applications.

Unique Expertise

Committed to customer focus, innovation, and reliability

Behind Acacia’s commitment is a team of industry leaders with a broad range of experience in optical systems, networking, silicon photonics and coherent algorithm development helping our customers solve some of the most difficult optical networking challenges.

High performance DSP ASIC

with low power dissipation that the industry has come to expect from Acacia products;

Highly integrated silicon photonics circuit

that supports high baud rates while reducing interconnect costs

Co-optimization and short connection

between the DSP ASIC and Optics provides high fidelity for the high speed interconnects.

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Some of the network equipment manufacturers that design in the AC1200 coherent optical module into their transport products.

Performance Optimized Family

Deliver Terabit era capacity and reliability to improve efficiency for multiple network applications while reducing network costs.

MSA Pluggables Family

Address increasing bandwidth demand with compact pluggable form-factors and a full range of interoperable specifications.

Go Further. Faster.

Where network operators meet the fast-growing demands for data.

Faster Time to Market

Superior Performance

Rapid Innovation

Optimal ROI


Silicon photonics integration of optical functions in one device greatly reduces size. System optimization improves performance/ reliability/efficiency.


RF layout and simulation predict how radio waves propagate and interact to optimize performance.


Subsystem integration combines subsystem or sub-components into one all-encompassing system that seamlessly funcion together.


Advanced, powerful efficient algorithms enable the best performance for each application. ASIC design and verification assure quality.


Opto-electronic integration and co-packaging reduce components in size and power while also increasing functionality and performance.

Five In-house Technology Capabilities Deliver Multiple Advantages

Unlike competing solutions, Acacia has the key capabilities in-house for building superior optical interconnects. This comprehensive technology portfolio improves efficiencies between layers and enables a high level of multi-disciplinary collaboration across all stages of the product development lifecycle. Working together, the five key technology capabilities deliver rapid innovation, superior performance, higher yield, better integration, and lower cost.

Our Journey

Innovation is in our DNA and at the core of what we do every day. Founded in 2009, our founders recognized a market opportunity leveraging silicon photonics and, as a result, built a new kind of technology company.

Cloud / Data Center Interconnect

Large cloud infrastructure operators and internet content providers have increasingly been building global private networks using leased or owned dark fiber. These networks require high speed optical solutions to address the growing inter-datacenter east-west traffic increasing at a faster rate than north-south traffic between users and the data centers. Contributing to east-west traffic growth is synchronization and load balancing to maximize the utilization of available data center resources. East-west traffic is expected to grow with rising artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) applications.

Enterprises transitioning from operating their own data center to cloud-based services is driving host data center growth. The massive bandwidth interconnect requirements for these mega-data centers are driving demand for both performance-optimized and pluggable power-optimized coherent optical solutions for these links, placing the highest value on cost per bit.

Enabling Products

Performance Optimized
MSA Pluggables

Metro Carrier

Metro carrier optical networks interconnect a wide range of traffic from central offices and data centers within a metropolitan area. These networks are optimized for small physical footprints and low power but must deliver ever-more bandwidth to meet customer needs. These complex mesh networks typically cover ranges from 80km to 1,500km and may include up to 24 reconfigurable optical add-drop mux (ROADM) nodes.

The introduction of Acacia’s low power, pluggable coherent CFP module in 2014 made long-haul-centric coherent technology much more appealing in metro applications. Fiber infrastructure impairments due to legacy fiber, wavelength selective switch (WSS) based ROADMs, polarization mode dispersion (PMD), polarization dependent loss (PDL), and reduced channel passbands could be even more severe in the metro compared to long-haul networks. Coherent technology can overcome all these impairments.

Enabling Products

Long Haul

Long haul terrestrial networks link major population centers within continents, spanning distances from 1,500 km to more than 2,500 km. While traditionally used by service providers, cloud network operators are also using long haul networks to mirror data between servers in geographically diverse data center locations.

Long haul networks put a high value on performance. The ability to communicate over longer distances results in significant cost savings to the overall network due to the reduction of regeneration stages, where signals are converted from the optical domain to electrical and back. The latest generations of coherent technology can optimize for capacity and reach with great flexibility and performance, while also including impairment mitigation features that are key for robust long haul networks. In addition, recent advancements in high baud-rate coherent optics have enabled long haul applications to be addressed using pluggable coherent modules.

Proven high-performance 1.2T coherent optics

Acasia’s performance optimized coherent optical by Acasia’s powerful DSP ASICs with the highest possible baud rates and the most advanced optical features and advanced algorithms.


transmission across multiple applications


power consumption


efficiency while reducing network costs


Our DSPs are at the heart of our module products. They enable the optical performance and low power that have become synonymous with Acacia throughout the optical transport industry. For some customers, standard module form factors do not align well with the size or power limitations of their application. These customers buy the DSP directly from Acacia and integrate them directly on their linecards using an Acacia-provided reference design.

Silicon PICs

Acacia is a pioneer in the introduction of silicon-based PICs for coherent optical communications—the highly integrated Silicon Photonics single-chip PICs are low power and ultra-compact. Coupled with Acacia’s DSP, the combination provides a leading coherent solution in low power and size. Acacia’s PIC is optimized for high yield, enabling high volume manufacturing. Leveraging mature CMOS processes, our Silicon Photonic PICs can eliminate.

Disruptive Innovation

Acacia has harnessed the power of digital signal processing and silicon photonics and introduced innovations such as 3D Siliconization. This has enabled us to take bulky and complex technology and accelerate its evolution into more compact, easier-to-use, and easier-to-manufacture solutions using advancements in integrated silicon design and packaging, DSP technology, high-speed RF design, and software implementations.

3D Siliconization

Enhances signal integrity and performance via the reduction of electrical interconnects while improving efficiencies in cost, reliability, power and size.

Silicon Photonics

High-speed highly compact and scalable optical integrated circuits in silicon

Digital Signal Processing

Industry leading innovative low power and high optical performance DSP design


Customer Focus, Disruptive Innovation, Trusted Reliability

Record Breaking Field Trials

Ultra Long Haul

World’s longest-distance 400G live network optical transmission

Long Haul

Industry’s first 1 Terabit/s wave over 1,100 km


Live network record with 1 Terabit/s wave over 540km


Over longer distances through nodes. Verizon transports 1.2 Terabit/s accross single wavelength

Transform Cloud and Communication Networks


Cloud/Data Center Interconnect

Cloud providers, content providers, and other network operators need to connect datacenters.

Metro Carrier

Metro Carrier

Interconnecting a wide range of traffic from central offices and data centers within a metropolitan area

Long Haul

Long Haul

Linking major population centers within continents, spanning distances from 1,500 km to more than 2,500 km



Optical interconnections spanning thousands of kilometers under the world’s oceans.

Wireless Access

Wireless Access

Connecting the wireless network to the core through wireless backhaul.

Wired Access

Wired Access

On-ramps to the internet, where connections from many individual residential or enterprise customers are aggregated.

Cable Access / Remote PHY

Cable Access/ Remote PHY

Transporting aggregated signals back to the network hub.

“Great team and great company.”

Mechanical Engineer

“Fun and exciting company.”

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Customer Focus

At Acacia, customers are at the center of everything we do. Our new look aims to reinforce Acacia’s unwavering dedication to customer collaboration and satisfaction. By continuing to closely collaborate and deepen our understanding of customer needs and challenges, Acacia can continue to develop optical networking solutions that empower customers to thrive.

We are Acacia

At Acacia we are on a mission to transform cloud and communication networks with innovative silicon-based high speed optical interconnect products that help customers solve their most difficult challenges.

Acacia's products enhance network performance by improving the capabilities of optical equipment, routers and switches while simultaneously reducing operating costs for network equipment.

Cloud providers, content providers, and other network operators need to connect datacenters.

Interconnecting a wide range of traffic from central offices and data centers within a metropolitan area