Our Applications Span from Long-haul (LH) to Metro and Include Inter-Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

Our coherent DSP ASICs and silicon PICs are at the heart of our products’ abilities to deliver cost-efficient high performance applications.

Applications served by our technology include:

Network Type Description
Long-haul Distances greater than 1,500km for terrestrial and subsea applications up to 12,000km and beyond
Metro Distances less than 1,500km connecting regions and cities
Inter-data center Various length connections between large data centers

Long-haul networks, which require sophisticated and high-capacity transmission capabilities, were traditionally the earliest adopters of high-speed optical technologies. Recently, changing traffic patterns have also driven metro network operators and cloud and service providers to demand new technologies that can increase the capacity of their networks more rapidly. Even more recently, cloud infrastructure operators and content service providers have been building private networks of data centers, which are increasingly dependent on higher speed optical solutions to connect their data centers to each other.