Customer Focus, Disruptive Innovation, Trusted Reliability

We are Acacia

At Acacia, we are on a mission to transform cloud and communication networks with innovative silicon-based high speed optical interconnect products that help customers solve their most difficult challenges.

Acacia's products enhance network performance by improving the capabilities of optical equipment, routers and switches while simultaneously reducing operating costs for network equipment.

Customer Focus

At Acacia, customers are at the center of everything we do. Our new look aims to reinforce Acacia’s unwavering dedication to customer collaboration and satisfaction. By continuing to closely collaborate and deepen our understanding of customer needs and challenges, Acacia can continue to develop optical networking solutions that empower customers to thrive.

Disruptive Innovation

Acacia has demonstrated a rapid pace of innovation through the years. We have redefined what is possible with the optical interconnect by continually raising the bar on performance, cost, and power consumption.  Every milestone we have achieved has further advanced our customers capabilities by enabling them to expand their bandwidth, deliver faster networks and offer more services.

Extraordinary People with Technology Expertise

Acacia’s disruptive innovation requires a team with a broad range of capabilities. Its engineering and management teams not only have extensive experience in optical systems and networking, but they are industry leaders in specific technical areas, such as silicon photonics and algorithm development.  This unique expertise is what enables Acacia to deliver industry-first technology and products that raise the bar on performance, cost, power and density.

Our Journey

Innovation is in our DNA and at the core of what we do every day. Founded in 2009, our founders recognized a market opportunity leveraging silicon photonics and, as a result, built a new kind of technology company.