MSA Pluggable Modules

Coherent pluggables revolutionizing network architectures

Coherent MSA or multi source agreement pluggable modules represent the culmination of many different industry agreements based not only on the mechanical form-factor designs, but also on the coherent technology inside. While the various form-factor MSAs resulted in standardized electrical connection designs and power-class ratings, there are many other industry bodies that focus on coherent functionality inside these pluggable modules.

Acacia is very active in these industry bodies, with a focus on coherent interoperability efforts. These efforts have enabled compact coherent pluggable module designs that share the same form-factor as client optics for high-density switches and routers ports, which is transforming optical networking.


capex and opex by eliminating transport devices in the network

Simplified network architecture

addresses increasing bandwidth demand


Plugs into your networkefficiency while reducing network costs