Acacia’s 3D siliconization approach leverages high volume electronics manufacturing processes and benefits from the maturity of our silicon photonics technology and our vertical integration strategy.


“Over the past decade, coherent technology has moved beyond its long-haul origins and is now firmly entrenched in the metro. With the coming of 5G and edge computing, the time is right for coherent optics to take the next step and migrate to edge and access networks.”

Sterling Perrin, Sr. Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading

Discover Edge and Access Network Solutions

Acacia’s 100G point-to-point, DWDM coherent pluggables in QSFP-DD form factor and coherent bi-directional pluggable optical module for 100G and beyond in CFP2-DCO form factor address a wide variety of requirements for cable and 5G wireless X-haul applications.


“400ZR is critical to meeting customer demand for growing data center interconnect bandwidth and we believe the thermal and optical performance of Acacia’s coherent platform in the OSFP form factor will provide network operators with a very reliable and power efficient solution.”

Hacene Chaouch, Distinguished Engineer, Arista Networks

Deploy High-Bandwidth DCI

Acacia builds upon its coherent pluggable leadership with a comprehensive 400G portfolio designed with interoperability support for 400ZR, OpenZR+, Open ROADM and CableLabs to enable customers to address a wide range of applications.

Maximize Your Multi-Haul Network Capacity with AC1200 Coherent Module

1 .2T

Capacity with single DSP

40 %

Less than the size of a 5” x 7” module