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Optical interconnect technology that transforms communications networks.

Coherent optical technology for growing networks.

Best in class design for DSP and silicon photonics.

Proven leadership in optical transport.

Specialists in Coherent Optical Interconnects

Acacia transforms communications networks relied upon by cloud infrastructure operators and content and communication service providers by delivering high-speed coherent optical interconnect products.
DSP technology
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology is at the heart of the coherent revolution in optical transport. By developing our own DSP technology, Acacia is able to optimize the trade-offs not only between functions on the DSP, but also between the optics and DSP.
dsp technology
Silicon Photonics PIC Technology
Coherent applications maximize the benefits of silicon photonics. Not only is Acacia able to achieve performance comparable to traditional component technologies, but our well controlled CMOS manufacturing process enables a level of photonic integration that would be extremely difficult using more traditional optics.
Silicon Photonics PIC Technology
Subsystem Integration
With control over both the DSP and PIC technologies, Acacia is able to take a holistic approach to subsystem development. Throughout the process, Acacia engineers leverage their combined expertise in every aspect of the subsystem, resulting in highly optimized products.
Subsystem Integration
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Who is Acacia?

See how we are empowering cloud and service providers to meet the fast growing consumer demands for data.


 Webinar Replay: Expanding Service Provider Applications for Pluggable Coherent Optics, a LightReading Webinar with HeavyReading analyst Sterling Perrin and Tom Williams, Sr. Director of Marketing, Acacia Communications.

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The new AC1200 is based on the Pico digital signal processor (DSP) ASIC. Utilizing two wavelengths, with up to 600 Gbps capacity each, Acacia’s AC1200 supports transmission speeds of up to 1.2 Tbps in a footprint which is 40% less than the size of a 5” x 7” module supporting 400 Gbps today.

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Learn about Acacia Communications from Entrepreneurs of the Year® in the New England region, President and Chief Executive Officer, Raj Shanmugaraj, and Founders Benny P. Mikkelsen, Mehrdad Givehchi and Christian J. Rasmussen.


Our coherent DSP ASICs and silicon PICs are at the heart of our products’ abilities to deliver cost-efficient high performance solutions from Long-haul (LH) to Metro and Include Inter-Data Center Interconnect (DCI).

Long-haul networks have traditionally been the earliest of high-speed optical technologies, requiring sophisticated and high-capacity transmission capabilities.

Acacia technology has helped to bring the benefits of low power and pluggability to metro network applications.

Additionally, cloud infrastructure operators and content service providers are starting to build private networks of data centers to connect their data centers to each other.
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