The latest 120+ GBaud coherent optics are arriving. Get up to speed on this new technology’s cost and performance benefits.

  • Gain a network operator perspective on deploying both 400ZR+ and high-performance optics
  • Hear how the latest Gen120P technology addresses the critical challenges of network operators
  • Learn how Terabit coherent improves the cost/bit in existing hardware and networks
  • Understand how high-performance coherent optics are complementary to 400ZR pluggable technology
  • Get the details on the key technologies that enable these high data rates


  • Glenn Wellbrock, Director of Optical Transport Planning – Verizon
  • Tom Williams, VP of Marketing – Acacia Communications
  • Serge Melle, Director, Optical Product Marketing – Nokia
  • Kyle Hollasch, Lead Analyst Transport Hardware – Cignal AI