Optinet 2020: Coherent Solutions Evolving Towards Edge and Access Applications

By Acacia | Posted on August 27, 2020

We believe coherent technology for fiber optical communications has reached a tipping point with a new generation of pluggable modules based on 7nm CMOS technology. Much progress has been made over the past decade to reduce the size, power, and cost of coherent solutions which has enabled its evolution from long-haul to metro networks.

More recently, requirements from data center network operators for a high-capacity, high-density, pluggable solutions in QSFP-DD form factors widely used for client-optics slots have driven industry-wide investments into ultra-compact, low-power, economical coherent solutions that can be manufactured in high volumes.

This opens up new addressable markets for coherent solutions in the Edge and Access networks including 5G wireless and cable that can provide scalable, and operationally flexible solutions to address service providers’ growing bandwidth demands.

Download the slides to learn how coherent is addressing these new markets to meet the growing bandwidth demands.

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