A Conversation with Lightwave Online at ECOC 2018

By Lisa Crewe | Posted on October 12, 2018

Last month at ECOC 2018 in Rome, Tom Williams, senior director of marketing at Acacia Communications had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Hardy of Lightwave as part of the Lightwave ECOC 2018 video showcase.

Tom and Stephen discussed how network operators can turn unused margin gaps into usable capacity with Acacia’s innovative technology. As technological advances enable solutions approaching the theoretical Shannon capacity limit, gains are becoming more incremental, and reducing cost-per-bit is becoming more challenging. Acacia’s innovative technology and feature set enables a path to breaking through the optical terabit barrier allowing users of the technology to deliver optical networks with high performance while lowering cost and power for various network applications including long haul, metro, and DCI-edge.

In this video, Tom discusses how 3D Shaping enables fine-tune adjusting of the line-side coherent modulation characteristics helping network operators optimize capacity and reach for their network. This is enabled by Acacia’s Pico DSP which powers our AC1200 coherent module. You can watch Tom and Stephen’s full conversation below.

This interview was just one of the many conversations the Acacia team took part in at ECOC this year. We had a full schedule of thought leader presentations, AC1200 1.2T demonstration and customer and partner conversations. Check out our pre-ECOC blog post to learn more about what we were up to at the show.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on Acacia’s Pico DSP, AC1200 coherent module, and the rest of our technology portfolio.