Optinet China 2021

OptiNet China takes place on the heels of OFC this year and its program will be focused on highlighting how optical networking, transport and DCI technologies are now more essential than ever to support and meet the growing needs of 5G, cloud services, and other major infrastructure projects. Throughout the two-day event, leading industry experts will discuss their latest developments.  One of the trends we expect to be discussed is coherent evolving towards shorter reach applications.

The Evolution is Real
Once considered a long-haul technology, coherent is now firmly entrenched in the metro and moving to even shorter reaches such as service provider edge/access and data center interconnect to campus and intra-data center.  Today’s coherent technology solutions offer a smaller footprint and lower power consumption driven by advancements in silicon photonics and by leveraging high-volume manufacturing processes from the electronics world and applying integration and co-packaging techniques.

Plugin Modules

As data rates are increasing from 400G to 800G and even 1.6T, these coherent solutions can provide the scalability, flexibility, operational simplicity, and cost advantages that network operators need to address their evolving network needs.  With a history of proven innovation in coherent optical interconnects and high-performance DSPs, Acacia offers a broad range of optical coherent solutions to meet the wide variety of needs of our customers. Check out our portfolio of product offerings at this link.

Come See us Speak
Fenghai Liu, Acacia’s Director of Product Line Management, will virtually present a session titled “Coherent Evolving to Shorter Reaches” on Day 2, June 17th at 14:15 Beijing time. In his presentation, he will discuss how coherent solutions are evolving towards shorter reaches for intra data center applications.  You can find more information on Fenghai’s talk at this link or you can go directly to the OptiNet China program here.

If you are attending or just want to connect with one of our executives, click here to set up a meeting.