Acacia Takes Home Best 5G Architecture and Deep-Fiber Framework Award from NGON

By Fenghai Liu | Posted on July 24, 2018

In June, the Acacia team attended our fifth Next Generation Optical Networking Europe (or NGON) event in the beautiful city of Nice, France. It’s a great opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in our industry and this year was even more memorable as we took home the “Best 5G Architecture and Deep-Fiber Framework” award. This award recognized the innovative contributions we’ve made that have advanced our customers and the optical networking industry.

“We are honored to accept this prestigious award. Based on our experience, we see coherent moving from metro core to access aggregation networks such as 5G backhaul and fiber deep Remote PHY for cable access. Access networks delivering high bandwidth services could dramatically increase energy requirements to power and cool the equipment providing these services. We believe Acacia is on the forefront of providing the high performance, low power, compact form factor solutions necessary to help enable data centers to run on sustainable energy.”

  • Raj Shanmugaraj, president and chief executive officer of Acacia Communications

 ngon & dci awards

We also marked our attendance at the show with the announcement of our Coherent ZR Optics Solutions for 100G CFP-DCO ZR and 100G/200G CFP2-DCO ZR pluggable modules. Small coherent modules for very compact systems, they are designed to address 5G and fiber deep applications, as well as data center edge and enterprise campus applications.

In talking with customers about the CFP2-DCO module, we heard that they like the capacity granularity for metro with 100G/200G per wave. We also had a lot of good discussion on the following key features:

  • Support for 200G/ lambda – at a significant low cost/bit
  • Simplified system integration with DCO interface
  • Integrated functionality eliminating the need for additional ASICs: OTU framer function, Layer 1 Encryption
  • Easy network maintenance with rich performance monitoring such as link dispersion/PMD/PDL/OSNR

To learn more about how the CFP2-DCO pluggable coherent module can help network operators reduce CapEX and OpEx, increase reach, and prepare for future growth, watch this video.

We look forward to seeing everyone at ECOC, September 23 – 27 in Rome, Italy.