Acacia Talks Coherent: Discover Your Network’s Hidden Capacity

By Lisa Crewe | Posted on December 10, 2018

Today’s cloud and carrier network operators need to optimize their network transmission to allow them to meet growing consumer and enterprise demand for bandwidth. In our latest installment of the Acacia Talks Coherent video series, we’ll give you an inside look at how 3D Shaping helps to turn capacity gaps into usable bandwidth by adapting the transmission to the network.

For instance, 3D Shaping is a key feature in the recently introduced Pico-powered AC1200, a 1.2Tb coherent transceiver module which supports two wavelengths up to 600G each. There are three elements to 3D shaping, with each providing a real-world benefit. There’s shaping of probability, shaping of location, and shaping of spectral width.

Senior Manager of Technical Marketing, Eugene Park, breaks down the elements of 3D shaping and what it means to Acacia’s technology. Learn more in our video.