Acacia Team Gears Up to Fight Cancer

By Lisa Crewe | Posted on June 20, 2018

On Sunday, June 10th, 9 Acacia employees strapped on their helmets and pumped up their tires at Millside School in Marlborough, MA and joined the American Cancer Society in the fight against their most stubborn opponent – cancer.
BBC 30 mile group

Ready, Set, Ride

The annual Bicycles Battling Cancer ride follows a scenic 100-mile tour through Massachusetts. The 356 participants representing 38 teams spread out across the 100, 70, 50 and 30-mile courses. Acacia’s team members were divided between the 30, 50, and 100-mile rides. After a full day of pedaling, riders were greeted at the finish line by family, friends and cancer survivors, cheering each rider on – a touching sight to close out a victorious ride. At the conclusion of the ride, there was a celebration with live entertainment, food, drinks and fun to celebrate the more than $256,000 raised.
BBC 50 mile crew

Generous Donations

Donations from riders, colleagues, friends and family exceeded our team’s expectations this year. With an initial goal of $6,000, Team Acacia raised $7,369, which includes matching donations from Acacia. A huge thank you to everyone who rode, volunteered, donated, and supported our riders at this event. Each donation goes toward providing communities with access to early detection tools, a place to turn when they’re diagnosed, and lifesaving screenings and treatments. Every penny raised counts and makes a difference in the life of a patient and his/her family. Cancer death rates in the U.S. have declined by 25 percent since 1990, in large part due to groundbreaking research made possible by donations like yours!

There’s Still Time!

Donations to the team will be accepted through July 10th, so feel free to donate here until then! And congratulations again to our riders: Nuzhat Alamgir, Joy Alamgir, Michael Birenbach, Lisa Crewe, David Grucza, John LoMedico, Lisa LoMedico, Tyler McCarthy, Dave Mullert, Lisa Nevin, Nicholas Nevin, Sarah Newsome and Michael Reif.

To learn more about Bicycles Battling Cancer and the American Cancer Society, check out the informational page online.