Acacia’s Modules Light-up Padtec’s LightPad i6400G

By Lisa Crewe | Posted on August 19, 2020

At Acacia, we love it when our customers are successful and our valued customer Padtec is a perfect example. Padtec doesn’t just use one Acacia product – the line cards in its LightPad i6400G Platform use four different Acacia products.


Padtec Optical Communications
We recently had the opportunity to speak with Roberto Nakamura, Director of Technology at Padtec, to discuss the company’s LightPad platform in more detail and how they leverage Acacia products. According to Roberto, Padtec started working with Acacia three years ago, when it selected a variant of an Acacia’s module for an ultra-long-haul application supporting up to 5,000 kilometers. “The Acacia modules are very advanced and have enabled Padtec to deliver competitive products,” said Roberto. “This has enabled Padtec to become stronger in the market.”

Today, Padtec is the first and largest Latin American manufacturer of optical networking equipment, headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is growing its sales in Latin America and aiming at the US market in the future. Roberto says having access to advanced coherent technology has enabled Padtec to, not only, go after new markets, but to also secure new customers in its existing markets.

Roberto says that Padtec sees Acacia as a strategic partner. “Acacia’s technologies and advanced DSPs are very important to our company,” he said. “We’ve developed five line cards using Acacia coherent technology, including 100G, 200G, 400G and 600G.”

About the LightPad i6400G Platform


Image 1:  The Padtec LightPad i6400G Platform


The LightPad i6400G platform is a high-capacity multi-service optical transport solution based on DWDM. Built with an extremely flexible and modular architecture, the capacity of the platform can be expanded without service interruption until 128 channels at 10G, 40G or 100G, transmitting up to 12.8T on a single pair of fibers.  The new products that can use Acacia’s technology increases the transmission capacity of the platform to 38.4T on a fiber pair.

With support for terrestrial and submarine applications, ultra-long-haul, long-haul metro and corporate access networks, and DCI, the LightPad i6400G platform incorporates: DWDM, OTN, wavelength switching, optical amplification (EDF, distributed Raman and remote pump), optical and OTN protection switching. The platform also includes a network management system with SDN functionalities.

In line with international technology trends, Padtec has already deployed in some important customers networks its 1200G Muxponder, which allows the aggregation of client protocols of different types and granularities for up to two 600G optical channels using Acacia’s technology. Adapted to current market demands, the Padtec 1200G Muxponder is only 300 mm deep and 1RU high.



Image 2:  The Padtec 1200G Muxponder


Padtec’s wish for Acacia
Roberto had some kind words to share on our continued partnership. “I wish Acacia continued innovation, filled with new technology and products that help customers such as Padtec be successful in the market.”

On behalf of the entire team at Acacia, we thank you Padtec for trusting us to provide you with the coherent optical technologies you need to be successful. Thank you for being such a valued customer of Acacia’s for many years. We look forward to working with you in the future as well.

About Padtec
Padtec is a global manufacturer and solutions provider of turnkey optical solutions. The company offers products that span from corporate access, data center interconnection to long-haul terrestrial backbone.