As Luck would have it – Acacia is Headed to Ireland!

By Lisa Crewe | Posted on September 22, 2019

ECOC 2019

Acacia is gearing up for a great show at ECOC 2019 – and Dublin is a great place to host Europe’s largest optical communications event. We look forward to having another opportunity to discuss the latest trends and innovations with our customers and partners including multi-haul applications, 400GbE, 400ZR and open optical standards.

Network operators are looking to support today’s 100GbE clients, as well as emerging 400GbE clients, across key network segments such as DCI edge, metro, long-haul and submarine in an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective manner. Multi-haul coherent solutions, software configurable transponders that provide various transmission capacities and reaches by varying the modulation order and baud rate settings, can provide flexible options for network operators.

Introducing the AC1200-SC2 Coherent 1.2T Single-Chip, Single-Channel Module

One such solution is the AC1200-SC2 (‘SC squared’). Powered by Acacia’s 1.2T Pico DSP chip, the AC1200-SC2 coherent 1.2T single-chip, single-channel module was designed to enable network operators to support today’s 100GbE clients, as well as emerging 400GbE clients.

Acacia AC1200-SC2

Figure 1: Acacia’s AC1200-SC2 Coherent 1.2T Single-Chip, Single-Channel Module


We are excited to demonstrate our newest AC1200 family member just announced last week. The AC1200-SC2’s high-performance and flexibility make it ideally suited for multi-haul applications ranging from high-capacity 1.2T DCI edge to the most challenging terrestrial and submarine networks that require 400G transport over QPSK modulation. The module also features Acacia’s 3D shaping technology designed to optimize fiber capacity and reach by filling gaps in margin and spectrum. Check out this video to learn how 3D shaping allows for the fine-tune adjustment of the modulation order and baud rate to provide network operators with the ability to adapt the transmission characteristics to meet the requirements of both greenfield and brownfield deployments.

Standardized Coherent Interconnects

Standardization activities have defined a variety of interoperability modes supporting operation ranging from 100G to 400G. Recently there have been many opinions on the idea of ZR+. What if a mode was created to combine the benefits of elements from 400ZR and OpenROADM, two existing standards, to define and deliver an interoperable ZR+ mode called OpenZR+?

The result is an open, flexible and interoperable coherent solution in a small form factor pluggable module. By simply defining a data path that includes the appropriate functionality, an interoperable OpenZR+ mode can be established. These enhanced modes will allow an OpenZR+ module in a QSFP-DD or OSFP form factor to support reaches well beyond 400ZR. The OpenZR+ modes are supported by merchant DSP vendors who have exchanged test vectors to ensure the interoperability of these OpenZR+ implementations. The availability of merchant DSP solutions supporting OpenZR+ will further expand the ecosystem of module vendors supporting OpenZR+. We’re sure to hear more about OpenZR+ at ECOC. For a more detailed explanation of OpenZR+ and its growing momentum please refer to the Optical Connections Magazine contributed article titled “OpenZR+ Offers Performance and Interoperability.”

Acacia Thought Leaders Speaking at ECOC

We are proud to have our Acacia experts sharing their views about some of the topics mentioned above.

  • Tom Williams, Acacia’s Vice President of Marketing, is speaking on a Market Focus Panel titled “Next Generation Coherent – Beyond Transport Networks.” Tom’s panel is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24th at 13:15.
  • Hongbin Zhang, Acacia’s Principal DSP Designer, is speaking on a panel titled “Real-Time Transmission of Single-Carrier 400 Gb/S And 600 Gb/S 64QAM Over 200km-Span Link, scheduled for Tuesday, September 24th at 14:45.

If We are “Lucky,” We’ll See you there!

If you are attending ECOC 2019, we’d love to see you. To set up a meeting at the show, contact us.