Get in Shape with the AC1200

By Eugene Park | Posted on March 23, 2018

We have received extremely positive responses from our Acacia AC1200 coherent module demonstration at OFC 2018 in San Diego, California.  The Pico DSP-based AC1200 embedded module features a powerful combination of 1.2T high-capacity, 3D-shaping, and flexible client support in a compact form-factor.

The 3D-shaping capability in the AC1200 enables fine-tune adjusting of the line-side modulation characteristics helping network operators to optimize capacity and reach for their particular network or link.  3D-shaping pushes the AC1200 performance closer to the theoretical Shannon limit in a very power-efficient manner, providing network operators with the performance and density required for a wide range of network configurations and requirements.

The key features enabling 3D-shaping include:

  • Shaping of the constellation points’ probability to increase capacity using Acacia’s patented Fractional QAM modulation
  • Shaping of the constellation points’ location to increase reach
    Constellation Points
  • Shaping of the spectral width to match the available channel passband by adapting the baud rate (400G on 75GHz grid example shown below).

In addition to 3D shaping, the AC1200 features:

  • Client Interfaces to support a wide range of applications with  100GbE, 400GbE and FlexE interfaces to the host card
  • Internal Crossbar Switch to enable increased traffic flexibility, including mapping of 3x400GbE client traffic on to two line-side wavelengths carrying 600Gbps each
    Internal Crossbar
  • Enhanced Turbo Product Code SD-FEC for ultra-high net coding gain (NCG) to extend reach, while maintaining low power dissipation.
    Enhanced Turbo Product Code

The robust feature set of the AC1200 provides many advantages to increase the efficiency of DCI/Cloud, Metro, and Long Haul applications.  For more information about the AC1200, please visit the links below or contact us.

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