“I’ll see your 400 Gbps 5×7 module and raise you to 1.2 Tbps”

By Lisa Crewe | Posted on October 16, 2017

In the world of high-speed coherent optical interconnects — speed is king. There are other variables (size, power consumption) but performance matters, and there is constant jockeying for position for companies to release the fastest, most comprehensive modules. So is it just about the numbers?

Yes … and no. There is more at stake than the ability to be first to market. It is important to be aware of the path of innovation, understanding what is next, how that maps to customer needs, and what types of supporting technology is needed.

At Acacia, we are taking all those factors into consideration, which is evident in the release of our latest product, the AC1200 coherent module. While most of the market is focused on 400 Gbps 5×7 modules, we are driving even higher density solutions. Our customers understand that high capacity solutions transmit more data over the same number of optical components. Even at lower data rate, AC1200 can give developers a powerful solution to address a wide range of optical networking challenges. The AC1200 Coherent Module is based on our Pico digital signal processor (DSP) ASIC. Utilizing two wavelengths, with up to 600 Gbps capacity each, Acacia’s AC1200 is planned to support transmission speeds of up to 1.2 Tbps in a footprint which is 40 percent less than the size of a 5” x 7” module supporting 400 Gbps today. The specifications for the versatile AC1200 allow for support of multiple network applications, including DCI, metro, long-haul and submarine.

Stephen Hardy of Lightwave said it best in his Friday 5 video on September 22, 2017 on the heels of ECOC 2017. With the launch of the AC1200, Acacia has effectively said, “I’ll see your 400 Gbps 5×7 module and raise you to 1.2 Tbps.” (You can watch it below … and while you can watch the whole thing, why not just skip ahead to 3:10?)