As China continues to upgrade its core network infrastructure to meet the surging demand for more bandwidth, 400G QPSK has emerged as the de facto standard that the China telecom industry has chosen for their go-to deployment model for long-haul communications. This is no surprise since QPSK has always proven to provide the performance margin for virtually any reach in national networks, but it’s now even more significant with the availability of high-baud rate optics. With baud rates up to 140Gbaud, this generation of coherent technology is enabling higher data-rate connections, such as 800Gbps and 1.2Tbps, as well as ultra-long-haul and subsea transmission with 400Gbps. At this week’s OptiNet China, we expect this topic to be front and center.

Increasing Baud Rates Delivers Twice the Capacity and Longer Reaches
History has shown that increasing baud rate is an efficient way to enable more cost-effective optical networks by reducing the number of optics required to support a given transmission capacity. As highlighted in the graphic below, by doubling the baud rate between successive generations, Class 3 products such as Acacia’s CIM 8 1.2T module supports twice the capacity per carrier over greater reaches than Class 2 solutions. This approach provides a simple, scalable path that supports higher capacity per carrier over the reaches needed for existing network architectures.

Network operators leveraging Class 3 140Gbaud solutions for DCI, metropolitan, long-haul, and subsea applications can maximize their network coverage across a wider distance than ever before. This results in the capability to transmit native 400G client traffic over virtually any network application, delivering 3x400G over 1.2Tbps per carrier capacity for high-capacity DCI interfaces, 2x400G over 800Gbps per carrier capacity for most optical links using 4 bits/symbol (~16QAM) modulation and 2 bits/symbol (400G QPSK) over ultra-long-haul and subsea distances.

Acacia’s Dayou Qian, Product Line Manager, will discuss the migration to high baud rate 400G QPSK during a live panel presentation titled Class 3 Optical Transport Systems: from DCI to Subsea at OptiNet China on June 20.

Learn More about Acacia’s Performance Optimized Solutions
As the first coherent module on the market to break through the terabit threshold, Acacia’s 1.2T CIM 8 module has proven its outstanding performance with multiple record breaking field trials across a wide range of applications. Visit this link to learn more.