Webinar: Pluggable Coherent Modems: The Future is Here

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Join Omdia, Acacia and others for a free webinar “Pluggable coherent modems: The future is here” to learn how coherent pluggables can enable network operators to expand network bandwidth and lower their capex and operating costs. Date: Thursday, May 13, 2021 Time: 8 am San Francisco / 11 am New York / 4 pm London […]

Boosting the Capacity of Disaggregated Optical Networks

Learn how multi-haul coherent optics will improve optical disaggregation

Join us and learn:
The benefits and challenges of adopting optical disaggregation
How the network operators shift towards disaggregated network models impacts the optical equipment market
The definition of multi-haul optics and why they make disaggregation more efficient and effective
About real-world applications of disaggregated optical networks in brownfield, greenfield, and DCI applications

Webinar: Breaking the optical glass ceiling: the path to terabit optical networks

Successive rounds of optical innovation and investment have delivered higher capacity networks with significantly decreased cost-per-bit transmitted. Moving forward, as we approach Shannon’s limit, gains are becoming more incremental, and reducing cost-per-bit is becoming more challenging. As an industry, will we be able to break through the optical glass ceiling to get to terabit optical […]

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