CFP2-DCO Product Family

Our award winning CFP2-DCO product family addresses a wide range of network optical interconnect applications including service provider access aggregation, wireless 5G backhaul, metro and long haul networks, as well as data center interconnects. With support for Ethernet/OTN clients, and line-side transmission of 100Gbps QPSK modulation up to 400Gbps 16QAM, the product family offers enhanced flexibility in a pluggable coherent solution. The CFP2-DCO product family features an expansive list of interoperability modes as documented by OpenROADM MSA, CableLabs, and the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF).

Acacia leverages its 3D Siliconization technology, which utilizes volume electronics manufacturing processes designed to be highly scalable and reliable. Pluggable solutions such as 400G CFP2-DCO are designed to enable network operators to address increasing bandwidth demand through a pay-as-you-grow model that has the potential of reducing both capital and operational expenditures.

QQSFP-DD Family Products

Acacia’s 3D Siliconization technology designed to be highly scalable and reliable.

With 3D Siliconization, RF electronics are tightly coupled to the silicon photonics, resulting in improved signal integrity for these higher baud rate applications.


400G CFP2-DCO Pluggable Coherent Optical Module

Acacia’s 400Gbps CFP2-DCO coherent optical module is designed with adherence to OpenROADM, OpenZR+, OIF 400ZR, as well as CableLabs specifications to optimize 400Gbps to support access aggregation, wireless backhaul, and metro/long haul data center and service provider network interconnects.

The 400G CFP2-DCO module incorporates Acacia’s Greylock DSP ASIC, based on 7nm CMOS technology, and Acacia’s silicon photonic integrated circuit (PIC) for an optimized co-packaged design.


100G/200G CFP2-DCO Pluggable Coherent Optical Module

Acacia’s 100G/200G CFP2-DCO coherent optical module is designed to support access/Remote PHY aggregation, wireless backhaul, metro/long haul service provider and data center network interconnects. The module is designed with adherence to the 100G standards in carrier-centric OpenROADM MSA as well as CableLabs.

In addition to supporting interoperable line-side transmission, the module features Acacia’s high-performance transmission mode that has been widely deployed for 100G and 200G applications in the CFP2 form factor.

The module incorporates Acacia’s Meru DSP ASIC, based on 16nm CMOS technology, and Acacia’s silicon PIC.

CFP2-DCO Product Family Variants


Capacity 400G 200G 100G
Client Protocol Ethernet/OTN Ethernet/OTN Ethernet/OTN
Interop OpenROADM/OpenZR+/400ZR/ G.709 G.709.2 G.709.2
Client Formats 100GbE/200GbE/400GbE/ OTU4/OTUCn 100GbE/200GbE/ OTU4 100GbE/OTU4
Line Side Capacity 100G/200G/300G/400G 100G/200G 100G


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