Our Next Chapter with Cisco

By Raj Shanmugaraj | Posted on March 1, 2021

Acacia Communications and Cisco
We’re very happy to announce that Cisco has completed its acquisition of Acacia Communications. It’s a very exciting milestone for Acacia since the strength and expertise of Cisco will enable us to push Acacia’s technology even more successfully into the market contributing to existing Acacia customers’ success and fueling Cisco’s growth in existing and new markets.

I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished, and I know that Acacia’s founders Benny Mikkelsen, Mehrdad Givehchi and Christian Rasmussen share that sentiment. This is an important milestone for Acacia and its employees, customers and partners. We’d like to take this time to recognize the accomplishments of the Acacia team as we look forward to new opportunities as a part of the Cisco team.

At Acacia, we have collectively built a culture of creativity and innovation. Our team is talented, confident and committed to execution. At Acacia, we have also always had a collaborative engagement process with our customers. These characteristics are equally valued by Cisco and we are thrilled to be joining a company with a mission to drive the most trusted customer experience in the industry with extraordinary people and technologies. We look forward to building on this strong culture while also benefiting from Cisco’s scale and quality processes.

With the explosion of bandwidth in the multi-cloud era, optical interconnect technology is becoming an increasingly strategic part of the network. Coherent technology has been a game-changer for optical networking and continues to evolve with the deployment of pluggable coherent optics.

Bringing the innovative talent of our two companies together will help expand Cisco’s optical systems offerings for customers and drive Cisco’s Internet for the Future strategy.

Our employees, customers and partners are at the core of everything we do at Acacia. We want to personally thank everyone who’s been part of our journey thus far for their hard work, support, feedback and encouragement.

Onward we go!

Mehrdad Givehchi

Benny Mikkelsen

Christian Rasmussen

Raj Shanmugaraj